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Yes! Please contact us with your ideal requirements and we will do our best to help.

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It's standard practice to pay move-in cost that would consist of one weeks rent, and four weeks bond. As an example, if the property you are renting is $450.00 a week your total move-in costs would be:

  • Four weeks’ bond – $1,800.00
  • One weeks’ rent in advance – $450.00
  • Total move-in costs $2,250.00

The bond is an amount of money the tenant pays at the start of a tenancy to cover any amounts owed at the end of a tenancy and can be claimed against to cover things such as property damage or rent arrears. You’ll pay the bond to us, and we’ll lodge it with tenancy services.

If everything is ok at the end of a tenancy the bond will be returned to you in full.


Three types of tenancies exist under the Residential Tenancies Act 1986.

Periodic Tenancy: these have no end date and continues till either party gives written notice to end it.

Fixed Term Tenancy: these last for a set time period, (which must be included in the tenancy agreement).

Short Term Fixed Tenancy: these last for 90 days or less. If a short term fixed tenancy ends it doesn’t automatically become a periodic tenancy.

Depending on your requirements and that of the property, we’ll make sure you get signed up on the right one.

Some properties may have certain utilities included in the rent and others that must be connected and paid for by the tenant. Your tenancy agreement will cover what utilities are included and which ones you are responsible for.

Enrich partners with MovingHub to make getting utilities connected simple and easy - be sure to select what utilities you’d like to get connected in our online application form.

It’s very important that all tenants arrange and have renters insurance as the owner’s insurance will not cover any damage to tenant contents. Make sure you get comprehensive cover that includes a legal liability component and covers your personal property against fire, theft etc.

Please inform us before your tenancy begins if you intend to have a pet as it may not be permitted. We will do our best to match you with a pet friendly property.

With fixed term tenancy agreements your tenancy will end on the date noted on your tenancy agreement.. If your circumstances have changed which mean you need to leave prior to the end of your tenancy please get in touch with us to discuss possible options.

In the case of periodic tenancies, all you need to do is give us 3 weeks’ notice in writing.