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Commercial & Rental property appraisals

Realistic, honest and balanced

There is a balance between finding great tenants in the shortest time possible, at a price that gives you the best possible return - a formula that Enrich experience has mastered.

Your business keeps us in business so expect only honest feedback and realistic rental appraisals derived from data-driven market insights and team knowledge.

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Property Management Consulting Services

Proven channels

Enrich are a technologically savvy team, well acquainted with today's social media and marketing platforms.

Innovation and experience see us invest your advertising budget strategically to cut directly through to the most desirable tenant market.

Tenant selection

Achieving a 'lifestyle' fit

A seasoned investor or someone just starting, you've passed a large responsibility on to us and just as we'd do for our investments, we make sure we place suitable tenants in yours.

Over and above the standard background & credit checks and preferring to meet face to face, Enrich consider the suitability of the tenant to the property and the surrounding area to achieve a 'lifestyle' fit.



More than the industry standard

In the best interests of your investment and for peace of mind for Enrich, we conduct property inspections more frequently than the recommended industry and insurance standards.

Our entry and routine and exit inspections reports can be found on your owners portal at any time and from anywhere.

Property maintenance

Caring for your asset

Great benefits come from our planned maintenance and property beautification schedules that will enhance and prolong the life of your investment, even keeping it ready for sale at short notice.

Our tenant concierge service that diagnoses and fixes most issues without expensive callouts, along with a trusted contractor network and advanced job tracking software tools, see cost-controlled, properties well maintained and tenants happy


Reporting & finances

Daily attention

Property asset managers as much as we are just property managers, we're capable of maintaining and increasing the value of your assets in addition to providing you accurate and detailed financial reports.

Our owners portal contains all your financial data making tax returns easy, will keep your property accountant onside, and allow you to see how your tracking towards your real estate and financial goals.

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Tailored & free

We enjoy sharing insights with property owners on how their rental property can make valuable lifestyle contributions.
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