Troubleshooting common property issues

18 September 2020


Electricity faults

If your entire house or apartment is without power the first step would be to open your electrical and meter panel to make sure that the main switch and all circuit breakers are turned on. 


From there check with your line company (vector outages etc) or ask your neighbours if they have electricity to determine if there is an area or building-wide power cut. In an apartment building you’d contact the building manager to advise them there is no power to your unit and in the case of a standalone home, you may have to report the fault to the line company or your power provider. 

Q. The power in the kitchen or laundry keeps tripping off at the panel when using more than one appliance?

A. As a general rule, each appliance can draw a maximum of 10 amps, and any single electrical circuit 16-20 amps. Kitchens may have multiple socket outlets but all are often supplied by just 1 or 2 circuits. 

Just use one appliance at a time if using more than one is causing the power to trip off, or try using the second appliance in another socket outlet where possible as this may help to distribute the load.

Q. Every time I plug in a particular appliance the power cuts off? 

A. This is indicative that the appliance is faulty and must be repaired or replaced. 


Hot water

We have listed the 3 most common hot water systems and issues that you might find with them below. Before checking any of the below make sure that there is not an area-wide power outage. 


Building supplied

Apartment and split homes may have a building supplied hot water system. If you experience an issue in this case please contact the building manager. If the building does not have a dedicated manager - can us here at Enrich. 



If the water is gas heated the heating unit will normally be located on the property exterior. 

Please check:

  • That the gas heating system is switched on within the electrical panel
  • That any heating temperature controller inside the house is turned on
  • That the exterior heating unit plug is firmly pushed into the socket next to it and that the socket is switched on. If the gas heating unit has a pilot light, read the instructions on the unit itself to see how to reignite it.



It’s important to note that electric water heaters do not supply an unlimited amount of hot water. If you have filled up the bath or used the shower for an extended period, this could be the cause of having no hot water and you should expect to be hot again within a couple of hours. 


If the above is not the issue please check: 

  • That the hot water switch in the electrical panel is on
  • That the hot water cylinder is on (sometimes they get bumped off)


If checking the above does not sort the issue please give your property manager as much feedback as possible so we can schedule the correct trade. Does the cylinder feel warm? Is there hot water in some parts of the house but not others? Any leaks? Any water coming from the overflow pipe (this could be on the roof or in newer homes coming from the foundation)?


Waste disposal

Wastemasters / waste disposal units are made to grind soft waste only. Solid items can cause waste disposal units to jam and then they will need to be cleaned out and reset. First, turn off the power to the unit at the wall, remove any solid items, then you’ll find the reset button which is located on the bottom or side of the machine. Ensure that you always run water while using the wastewater otherwise it can burn out. If the wastewater continues to stop working please contact your property manager.


Tip: place ice cubes in the unit to sharpen the blades and place a cut-up lemon in the unit to remove any nasty smells.


Washing machines & dryers 

Check the hot and cold water connection hoses and taps before calling to report a problem. Dryers will need to have the lint filter cleaned after each use. If the appliances belong to you, you will be responsible for any maintenance. If they belong to the owner and you have checked the manual (if provided), contact your property manager to arrange repairs. 


Blocked Sinks and drains

Drain covers can often be lifted up to assist with the removal of blockages.

Use a drain cleaner such as Drano crystals or liquid. Follow the instructions and use with care. Wear protective equipment and make sure the room is ventilated. If there is a recurring problem with your blocked sink or drains please contact your property manager. 


TV Signal Problems

Make sure that your cable or satellite box (or other devices) is powered on and that the TV is set to the correct input – press Input, Source or TV/Video on your remote control. Check behind the TV for loose connections. If you also have a poor quality HDMI cable this can degrade the picture on your tv. 

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