Moving into your new rental property

18 August 2020


We will provide you with a set of keys for each person named on the tenancy agreement. Lockouts will incur a call-out or lock replacement charge - contact us for assistance. If you lock yourself out outside of normal working hours you’d have to get a locksmith to assist you at your cost. 

Initial inspection report 

You will receive a copy of the initial inspection report for your property. Please go through this within 7 days of moving in to ensure you agree that everything has been correctly recorded. If there is anything you would like to discuss please email your property manager.

 Utility Connections 

Please remember to arrange utilities such as internet and electricity with your preferred supplier before your move-in date. Once you have settled into your new home make sure you know where your water and power meters are in case of emergencies. 

Contents Insurance

It’s very important that all tenants arrange and have renters insurance as the owner’s insurance will not cover any damage to tenant contents. Make sure you get a comprehensive policy that includes a legal liability component and covers your personal property against fire, theft etc.

Move-In Day Checklist

Moving house can be an exciting time with lots to do and remember. We have provided a handy checklist to help make sure you’re all set for the big move: 

  • Arrange for the handover of property keys
  • Ensure all your mail is redirected to your new address
  • Make sure your utilities are set to be connected for your move-in day
  • Clearly label moving boxes as this will help the movers put them in the correct rooms to save you having to move any heavy items later on
  • Turn on the water and power if this has been turned off
  • Turn the fridge/freezer on
  • Grab the bubbly from the fridge and toast to your new home! You deserve it!
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