An enriching story
Your partner in the game

Choose a team that makes enriching the lifestyle of others, a top priority.

About us

For the property owner

Enrich, and as the brand states, was created with the ultimate purpose to enhance the life of its clients.

Enrich means different things to different people - the goals of one property owner may be different to the next, so the ability to listen to an individual's property goals is a key focus of the business.

We've heard stories of owners not sleeping due to the stress of managing their investment(s) so it's been humbling to know that from the first point of contact with us, they now feel they have a trusted partner in the game. Not every property management business will provide that feeling - we confidently can!


For the tenant

As a bridge between our owners and tenants, both lifestyle and legislation are top priorities within our business. We get that settling down to watch a trending Netflix in a cold room due to poor insulation is just as unenjoyable as navigating wishy-washy eviction rules and questionable rent increases.

We've all been tenant's ourselves and believe an open door policy is appreciated which leads to a relationship where tenants can take comfort in the fact that management is on their side and will take action to resolve issues when needed.

All in this together, our mission is to foster a two-way street of respect for longevity and stability.


From the entire team, we look forward to enriching your life.

Enrich property management team

In addition to our property managers, Enrich has a customer service team who support our property managers by fielding enquires from prospective tenants almost around the clock.

Meet our highly-skilled, diligent and caring team. Introducing...

  • Eric Hammond
    Eric Hammond Managing Director

    Owner-Operator Eric Hammond has lived a life positioned around buildings, foundations, structures, and people. His career path has provided a high degree of personal and commercial challenges resulting in an impressive accumulation of knowledge that he has immense satisfaction in putting to good use for other people.

    He's also a property investor. He gets it.

  • Jason Vu
    Jason Vu Property Manager

    Jason is a fierce property manager, passionate about the assets he manages. He holds both owners and tenants accountable to required input to ensure a well-oiled machine.

    With a strong mindset and personality, adaptable communication & negotiation skills and an eye for detail, Jason's skill-set is well matched to the challenging landscape of the property management industry.

    He's had a varied career path - working on construction sites, becoming a school teacher, studying finance to now resting very near to his passion - home improvement.

    With a flair for space design and a strong interest in natural and eco-friendly materials, he's a handy person to chat to if you're considering improving the appeal of your property. As a child, he enjoyed moving his parents’ furniture around to test the spaces and functionality. Jason has experienced that a comfortable home with great functionality inspires us to live happier more efficient lives.

    When Jason's not working you'll find him immersed in nature and travel, listening to a wide range of music genres or learning more about home design.

  • Priya Image
    Priya Mourya Property Manager

    Priya genuinely cares for property owners and tenants and brings a calming presence. She has laser-like focus and a hard-working mentality which brings undeniable value to our customers.

    Outside of work Priya collects stamps in her passport. Exploring new places keeps her alive and adds to the story bank which she in turn loves sharing with friends.

    On the other side of exploring is her love for staying in to watch a good movie ('The Proposal' is her all time favourite), cooking a meal (she makes an outstanding carrot pudding) and sharing these things with those around her.

  • Customer Service Person Image
    Customer Service Team Support & Administration

    We have a fantastic customer team of four who are highly contactable and enjoy chatting with and assisting property owners and tenants.